Lynch & Mason's Top Style Tips for Tall Men

1.     Double breasted blazers are great for adding weight and girth to the frame of a taller man. Double breasted blazers are the perfect item of clothing for tall slim men.

2.     Always focus on the fit, Clothing not specifically made for tall men can often be ill-fitting.  Always buy from brands that have paid particular attention to how clothes fit on tall men.

3.     You can create the illusion of width through horizontal/vertical striped garments.

4.     Longer overcoats are very flattering and look brilliant on tall men.

5.     Avoid buying the next size up to compensate for longer sleeves.

6.     Tall men should avoid any fits with excess fabric. Billowing material is unflattering and makes tall men look even taller!

7.     A slight break in your trousers (the slight bunching of cloth created when the cuff rests on the top of your shoe) is usually good for a tall man as it breaks your height up and gives your lower body some texture.

8.     The ideal trouser cuts for taller men are straight, slim or tapered.

9.  Everybody appreciates a well dressed tall gentleman.

10.     Tall Men! - Your presence alone commands the attention, respect, and admiration of many, so run with it and make the most of it.

Lynch & Mason